Site Audit

Site Audit

Site audit--social aspect
Aboriculture Centre Building 916--Burnly Campus

There are four parts in the Aboriculture Centre Building 916, which are office area, storage, lab and gardening shed.

Needs and expectations of humans

Physically, people need cooling and heating system, light, water, electricity, ventilation and working and studying equipments. Socially, people expect communication with each other and outside in order to achieve high efficiency of both working and studying.

Ways and consequences of human efforts of reshaping

Old recreation hall was converted into office area. Shared lunch area, kitchen and toilet increase communication. Landscape construction lab was converted to storage for machinery. Aesthetical pleasure is given by the garden shed. Warning signs increase safety within the building. Vegetation is planted to prevent sunshine and radiation, but block light as well. Air conditioners are installed to suit expectation of comfortable workplace. Water system is set up to suit needs of modern life. Hardy materials will not corrode with chemicals used in garden shed and working lab.


There are eleven staffs who work in the office area for School of Forestry and Eco-system Science (SFESS), three gardeners and four students doing research in PSL1. Two of the students are postgraduates, and the other two are honor students. Each student has a supervisor on site, so that they can get good support from them as well as other staffs. There are one technician and about six researchers involved with the lab. The health of people there is in good condition.


In lab, soil, water, insect and fungal are being used, and tree research is being conducted as part of forest research.
In office area, shared kitchen, toilet and lunch area improve communication and break down barriers between staffs and gardeners. Equipment such as photocopiers, computers and video conference link with Parkville and Creswick campus improve...

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