Situational Leadership® and Constructive Discipline

Situational Leadership® and Constructive Discipline

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Chapter 10
Case Study Part 1: Situational Leadership® and Constructive Discipline

You are the principal of Everbright Elementary School. Nikki is a veteran teacher with two years of experience at Everbright. She is usually early to school, last to leave, thorough in her paperwork, and praised by parents and peers. She has volunteered for committees and grade level leadership.

Recently you have noticed a difference in her performance. This past week she was late to your staff meeting, was not in her classroom when you went by yesterday, and left early. She seems distracted and unfocused compared to her usual behavior in the school.

The data manager complained to you that Nikki has stopped sending in her daily attendance reports, and a parent has just given you an earful on the telephone about the way Nikki disciplined her child on the playground.

Upon hanging up the phone, you look up to see Nikki walking through the office. She appears to be in a hurry, glances around to check who else is in the office, and hurries toward the door. Glancing at the clock you see it is only 3:35 PM. Students were dismissed at 3:30. You decide to approach Nikki and talk about her recent drop in performance.

List the data points you have on her current performance. Tardiness, early departure, distracted, unfocused behavior, incomplete contracts, and in appropriate client referral.

How does this differ from her “usual” performance?

Currently, she is arriving late for work; she usually arrives early or on time. She usually turns in complete contracts and looks for ways to go above and beyond what is asked of her. She tried to “push through” a contract for a clients she knew did not have the appropriate credit.

What style will you use to start the conversation?

You will start the conversation with S4 by asking a general question such as, “Is everything all right?” Depending on her response, possibly move to S3 to show more concern such as, “I’ve noticed...

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