he Skeletal Systems: Bones

The skeletal system which we have in our body is made up of

206 bones. We think the Skeleton as the framework of the body, but

It’s better if we think as a Moveable framework.

1. Joints are the part of the total skeletal system.

2. Bones change throughout our lifetime.

Skeletal system is the only sub-system of the body which is like a

part of the Ability development program. This skeleton system cannot

be used to trained to improve.

1. You exercise than the new bone tissue replace with the old

tissue to grow more stronger.

2. It’s the muscle connected it can be trained to improve limb

movement Velocity.

3. There is a large body of data concerning ideal bone and

skeletal system Dimension for the various system.

There are three main things of considering the role of skeletal

system plays in athletic system.

1. All the size of the skeleton.

2. The skeleton’s proportions
3. Size of the crucial individual bones.
We can examine on these three main things by focusing on them individually. The size of the skeleton refers to the total height of the body. Bones is the living tissue, and it needs balance activity to maintain health. Bone tissue is permeated with blood vessels, the channels and the nerve branches. Bones are constantly adjusting to our life styles.
The proportion of the skeletal is more important variable in the sports than the all size. Proportion refers to the size of the upper body to the lower body or legs. As long as your upper part of the body is connected to the lower part of the body then the lower your center of the gravity is.

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