Skiing Into Oblivion

Skiing Into Oblivion

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“Skiing into oblivion”, written by Paul Evans is an opinion piece which includes a photograph published in a weekly metropolitan news magazine during March 2008. The piece was writing in a disgusted tone toward those who are using and taking advantage of the earth’s resources. The main issue presented in the article describes the on going global destruction occurring and attempts to explain how it may not be too late to reverse the damage. The opinion piece is primarily targeted at younger adults and in some aspects even teenagers because the author aims to get his point across to those who he believes will step out and make a change because it’s their future at stake. The main purpose of the piece was to persuade the reader in acting out on the issue, whether it may be blankly agreeing or actually going off and attempting to make a change by putting a stop to earth’s resources going to waste.

The first form of persuasion used can be identified within the title “Skiing into oblivion”, showing a clear indication of how the author is using a strong affirmative tone, that we are heading into nothing but doom, portraying how we are on the road to destruction and the public are still not making any changes because of it. Mentioning oblivion sets the author into feeling scared and anxious by the thought of what is going to happen in the future, making this statement work successfully in indicating to the authors target audience that it is true and undeniable that we may be in danger and there is no question about it. This headline positions the reader to agree that we must make a change by the persuasive techniques used in order to bring a feeling of fear upon the reader, causing them to believe that the humanity have set themselves on an unsafe path.

The photograph of a dump of computer screens is used to bring upon a feeling of disgust in the reader, seeing any type of waste scattered is not a appealing site, so the author has used this in order to demonstrate...

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