There are many skills individuals should have but don’t or do have and don’t practice. I feel an important skill to master is listening. There is an individual who lack this skill and who need to improve in this area. If a person hears another person this is called a physical ability. The same people and same scenario except one is listening now and that is called a skill. Listening allows people to make sense to each other. Listening also allows people to comprehend what somebody else is talking about. In this world today there are people who hear what you have to say but do they listen? A majority of the time the content goes in one ear and out the other. To be professional, social and to build an individual’s character you have to have listening skills.

People use more time at their place of business listening than anywhere else. I feel everyone should strive to become an effective listener simply because it’s beneficial in the long run. An individual can become a better problem solver or being aware of things that are taking place in your work environment. When it comes to a work environment employees with listening skills as well as communication skills are a recognized importance to the business. In the world we live in today a lot of employees do not have skills in listening or communication. In the business world listening is a crucial essential.

A person with listening skills will boost your confidence for the simple fact your attention will be given to the other person when having a conversation. When an individual is being listened to and the individual who is speaking begins to feel a certain kind of importance and interesting. A parent with listening skills will strengthen their parent communication skills with their child or children.

If a person wanted to build their character or strengthen their character a route to take would be through listening skills. If a person wanted to learn how to be a good empathizer or...

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