skm mp candidate

skm mp candidate

There Is No Alternative(TINA) To Shri T.N.Dhakal

No more pussy-footing on core issues regarding Sikkim in the Lok Sabha

The importance of a strong Member of Parliament in the Lok Sabha had never been felt more than in the current 16th General Election for the Lok Sabha. This vacuum of integrity has been created due to the silence of a series of non performers in the Lok Sabha, especially, when it came to defending Sikkim’s position, vis-à-vis the protection of old laws of Sikkim that give certain guarantees to the Sikkimese. This lack of defense became apparent in the incumbent’s (Shri P.D.Rai) statements in the Lok Sabha regarding the Companies Act, 2013. Sikkim had not witnessed such dilution of its protection under any other MP. Further, comments made by the Chief Minister, Shri P.K.Chamling, saying that Sikkim subject will not be required in the future, put everyone in shock. If one were to follow Mr.Rai carefully in the Lok Sabha, his lack of clarity and ignorance on Sikkim’s woes can be made out. The question is why should Sikkim pay for Mr.P.D.Rai’s lapses? SDF has a knack for rewarding sycophants and could not have been more obvious with Mr.P.D.Rai again getting a Lok Sabha ticket from the SDF.

The other competitors in the fray, Shri A.D.Subba (INC), Shri N.B.Khatiwada (BJP) and Shri Kaushal Rai (AAP) are political turncoats who have no cadre base that could positively affect their chances in winning the elections.

That leaves us with the only alternative, Mr.T.N.Dhakal, the Lok Sabha candidate from the Sikkim Krantikari Morcha.

The vision and intent of a man is known when he fights for everyone’s sake and not just his own. His strong stance on issues concerning Sikkim and Sikkim subject have been well known for over 3 decades, a period elder to most of the electorate choosing their representatives this elections.

Exactly 30 years ago in 1984, Shri Dhakal took on and vociferously challenged the statements made by the Governor of Sikkim,...

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