Sky High Weekly Correspondence

Sky High Weekly Correspondence

Module 2 Sky High Airlines Weekly Correspondence Exercise

Correspondence note:

The documents you receive each week will have either the initial or name of the document sender. To see who the sender of the document is within the company, use the company organization chart.

Review the information you received about Sky High Airlines this week and provide answers to the following questions:

1. Describe any key Safety Management System (SMS) theories you see or don’t see in this week’s correspondence you received. What indicators of responsibility, accountability, and commitment of management do you see? What indicators do you see this week that reflect a good or poor safety culture.

Top management support of a safety culture often results in acquiring a safety director but also one motivated enough to inspire safety, providing resources for incident investigations, and safety training. Further progress toward a true safety culture uses accountability systems. These systems establish safety goals, measure safety activities, and charge costs back to the units that incur them. At Sky High Airlines, there is no safety goals that were mentioned so it lead me to believe that there isn’t any. Ultimately, safety is supposed to be everyone's responsibility, not just the safety director's. Safety needs to become a value of the organization and be an integral part of operations not just an excuse that needs to be dealt with. Management and employees are committed and involved in preventing losses. Over time the norms and beliefs of the organization shift focus from eliminating hazards to eliminating unsafe behaviors and building systems that proactively improve safety and health conditions. Employee safety and doing something the right way takes precedence over short term production pressures. Simultaneously, production does not suffer but is enhanced due to the level of excellence developed within the organization. The commitment of top...

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