1.airhead: stupid person.
"Believe it or not, Dave can sometimes act like an airhead!"

amigo: friend (from Spanish).
"I met many amigos at Dave's ESL Cafe."

ammunition: toilet paper.
"Help! We're completely out of ammunition!"

antifreeze: alcohol.
"I'm going to need a lot of antifreeze tonight!"

armpit: dirty, unappealing place.
"This cheap motel is an absolute armpit!"

ass [offensive] (1): backside.
"I fell on my ass on the ski slopes."

ass (2): an unworthy and hated person.
"I cannot be friends when you act like an ass."

awesome: great and impressive.
"Dave's ESL Cafe is truly awesome!"

baby boomer: a person born from the end of the Second World War until the early 1960s.
"Dave Sperling was born in 1961, so he's considered a baby boomer."

ball (1): a fun time.
"I really had a ball in Dave's ESL class."

ball [offensive] (2): a testicle.
"After getting kicked in the balls, his voice seemed much higher."

bang (1): a very powerful thing.
"Disneyland is really a bang!"

bang (2): a powerful effect.
"Japanese sake really has a bang!"

barf (1): vomit.
"My dog barfed all over the carpet."

barf (2): vomit.
"Don't step on the barf!"

barf-out: a displeasing person or affair.
"That restaurant was a real barf-out."

bazillion: an infinite number of something.
"Has Dennis really taught a bazillion students?"

B-ball: basketball.
"Do you wanna play b-ball with me?"

beans: money.
"I've worked for this company for ten years, but I still don't have beans."

beat: tired.
"I'm really beat because I was awake all night."

beemer: a BMW.
"He wants to buy a beemer when he makes more money."

biggie: something important.
"I was hoping to get my homework completed, but it's no biggie. "

biker: a motorcycle rider.
"Dave used to be a biker until he got into a serious motorcycle accident."

bitch [offensive] (1): a very unpleasant woman.
"My boss can be such a bitch sometimes."...