Sleep Apnea - Essay 2

Sleep Apnea - Essay 2

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Sleep Apnea: A disorder in which breathing periodically stops for a few moments, causing the person to choke and gasp.
Last year I went camping with several friends in Missouri and we shared a camper. When it came time to retire for the evening, my friend's husband pulled out his ear plugs. I asked him what he was doing and he said that his wife had a snoring problem. We all had a good laugh until we actually heard her snore. It sounded like a buzz saw! I noticed at times the snoring would stop and suddenly she would gasp, snort and thrash around. She was attempting to catch her breath. In the morning, I suggested that she go see a doctor and she said that she would. The doctor put her in a sleep study program where he discovered she would actually stop breathing several times. He diagnosed her with obstructive sleep apnea and gave her a continuous positive airway pressure machine, better known as a CPAP, to use at night. The use of a CPAP is the most effective nonsurgical method to treat obstructive sleep apnea. The CPAP has a mask that covers her nose and mouth to help keep her breathing continually throughout the night. Now, she no longer snores, wakes up refreshed, is no longer sleepy during the day and her husband doesn't have to wear ear plugs anymore.

Lucid Dream: Where a person is aware they are dreaming and feel as though they are conscious.
Three years ago I was experiencing an unusual amount of nightmares. I suspect that the nightmares were brought on by the stress of a custody hearing I was going through at the time. On one occasion I actually knew that I was dreaming but was powerless to control the dream or

wake up from it. To this day I have vivid and detailed memories of that particular dream. I remember that the dream was taking place in the airport. My son and I were getting on a plane to go to Disney World. From out of no where, my ex-husband approached me and began spewing obscenities at me. I remember trying to cover my son's ears...

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