Sleep Deprivation

Sleep Deprivation

Topic: How sleep deprivation can effect your life

I) Introduction

Once we take the first step into university life, staying up late is a very common thing. A busy schedule, tight deadlines, hangout with friends and so much more. There are many reasons we make for not going to bed before midnight or even 1 or 2am. If you sleep too late, you can hardly have the ideal 7-8 hour of sleep a day. But do you know that the lack of sleep as known as sleep deprivation can cause a quite number of negative effects on your mind and body ?

So let’s start with part 1: Bad effects of sleep deprivation

The first is that sleep deprivation has bad result in metal health. People who don’t get a proper sleep may suffer from memory loss. Because during sleep, your brain gets to work storing information you have learned. Less than six hours of sleep makes it’s hard for you to remember things that happen recently. Besides, sleep deprivation can lead to the lack of ability to concentrate, increase in stress level, anxiety and depression. All these effecst have an incrediblely bad influence on your learning process. So you’d better pay more attention to your sleep if you want to get an A for you final test this semester.

Not only mental health but the lack of sleep even do more serious harm to your physical health. Sleep deprivation reduces your white blood-cell count. These cells are your immune system's strongest line against diseases and illness. So that not having enough sleep weaken your immune system. Now you will easily to catch a cold or get sick. In the future, when you get older, high blood pressure and heart disaese will be waiting for you, too. For now, if you want to get taller, say goodbye to staying up late immediately. Because sleep deprivation can reduce your growth hormones, which means no centimeters adding to your height. And the last notice for mental health may suprise you. You will gain weight if you are sleep-deprived. The body has a much...

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