sleep plan

sleep plan

Sleep Plan

Child(ren): Natalia DOB: 18.11.2013
Age at start of sleep support: 14 months.
Parent(s): Angelina and Marc
Date of consultation: 25.1.2015

Natalia’s health history
Natalia’s birth was straightforward, if a little lengthy. Angelina reports no problems following her birth.
Natalia has no health concerns.
She has an older brother, Alessandro, who is 6 years old.
Natalia’s parents recently separated, although this was a mutually agreed separation and the children have not been exposed to any animosity or anger. Dad visits at weekends and Natalia enjoys spending time with either parent.

Sleep concerns
Angelina is concerned about Natalia’s sudden behaviour of waking in the night and wanting to play. She reports that she will wake at least once a night, usually around 1:00am, despite a good bedtime routine and an age appropriate bedtime, and that she will be wide awake and wanting to interact with her mother. She will try to climb around in her cot, stand against the bars and demand attention and be generally wide awake for at least an hour, sometimes two. She is not upset when she wakes and goes back to sleep eventually and with little fuss. But Angelina is struggling with the disrupted sleep as she works full-time; she is also concerned about any impact this could have on Alessandro’s sleep, although as yet he’s not been disturbed by Natalia’s night waking.
Angelina tried the pick up / put down method of sleep training for about four nights, but to no avail. She says that Natalia would see each pick up as an opportunity to play and would protest loudly at being put down each time. Angelina says she found it easier to just get her up and play with her for an hour in the hope she’d wear her out as this would keep Natalia content and quiet so as not to disturb Alessandro.

Natalia is a very happy and cheerful child. Angeliana and Marc report she’s a very resilient little girl; her temperament, behaviour and sleep...

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