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Company Background
• MAS is founded in1947
• MAS headquarters is situated at Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport in Subang
• Malaysia Airlines has two airline subsidiaries, which is Firefly MASwings
• Malaysia airlines have grown to become award-winning airline with more
than 1000 aircraft, servicing more than 110 destinationsacross six
• Malaysia Airlines also practiced the online booking and buying to make
their reservation or purchasing way easier for passenger.
• MAS is a type brick and click company. This is MAS offer both offline and
online ticket booking systems.

Concepts And Structure Of Mis
• Information systems are formal, computerbased

systems that play an integral role in
• Understanding information systems, however,

requires one to understand the problems they
are designed to solve, the architectural and
design solutions, and the organizational
processes that lead to these solutions.

• "management information systems, " or MIS,
actually describes specific systems that provide managers with reports and, in some
cases, on-line access to the organization's
current performance and historical records.
• Building, operating, and maintaining
information systems are challenging for a
number of reasons.

• The basic process of systems development involves defining
the project, creating a model of the current system, deriving a
model for the new system, measuring the costs and
benefits of all alternatives, selecting the best option,
designing the new system, completing the specific
programming functions, installing and testing the new system,
and completing a post-implementation audit.
• Knowledge management (KM) - the concept to include
information systems that provide decision-making tools and
data to people at all levels of a company
• technology to facilitate the process of collaboration across an

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