Slimming Advertisement

Slimming Advertisement

2nd speaker, me
Motion: Slimming advertisements should be banned from the mass media.

Good morning adjudicators, teachers and fellow students.
We stand firm that slimming advertisements should not be banned from the mass media. First of all, please be reminded that one of the major reasons for Hong Kong’s success is its laissez-faire policy. It means that government shall take the least interference in all commercial activities. Therefore, there should not be any unnecessary laws against any legal commercial activities, unless you want to break Hong Kong’s economic growth.

From the service provider's point of view, advertisements should not be banned because this will affect their business. Think about it, how can a slimming company attract customers if it cannot make any advertisement in the mass media? No TV, no Internet, no newspaper. How can the companies promote their business? Moreover, the mass media will also loss a lot of business if the slimming advertisements are banned. This will affect Hong Kong’s image as a free market and thus the confidence of the public on our laissez-faire policy. As a result, not only Hong Kong people, but also international investors will have hesitation to conduct business in Hong Kong. Is it a well-planned act, or just a childish dream?

From the consumer’s point of view, slimming advertisements should not be banned either. This is because this will minimise the ways that they can get different messages or information they are entitled to. If all slimming advertisements from the mass media are banned, the consumers can hardly reach these services or products. This is a restriction on delivery of information. Shall we set up a law that is controlling the spread of information pointlessly?

Think about this, shall we force everyone to shut their months if one person tells a lie. Of course not. So, shall we ban all slimming advertisements because of there are some misleading advertisements? Of...

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