SLS 1103

SLS 1103

Architecture: The Career For me?
Brett Hopper
Florida State College

The career of architecture has been around since the caveman. The word architecture can be defined as the knowledge used by humans to inspire activities(Piper & Rush, 2001). Humans use creativity to build things like sculptures or statues. Examples of architectural structures could include buildings, paintings, or even how many plants are in a row in a garden. Although it is a very broad field, the type that I would like a job in is Architectural Drafters(O-Net). I would like to be a part of drafting because I have an interest in the tasks they complete and I have the necessary skills for the job.
My whole life, I have been interested in building and sculpting things. As a child, I used to dump out a tub of Lego's and start building something, with no rhyme or reason to it. I would build colossal things, such as a miniature house, or a plane. As I got older, I would draw out what I wanted to build, just like architects use blueprints. I would consider factors about the materials I had: the colors, the lengths, and shapes of the blocks. I could never understand why I did these things, I just figured they were important. Now, I no longer use Lego's. I would rather build forts or tree houses. However, I still factor in materials and such. My learning style can be classified as an Extrovert, Senser, Thinker, and Judger, giving me a better understanding as to why I did the things I did. I try to put it in real world situations, like finding a job suitable for me. I've searched over many things, but being an architect stood out to me. It clicked in my head that it is something I want to spend the rest of my life doing.


Being an architectural drafter includes many tasks(O-Net). These tasks involve designing, drawing, recording and forming small-scale demonstrations, analyzing, coordinating, making detailed layouts, supervising,...

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