Small Business Franchise

Small Business Franchise

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Non-Franchised Small Business Analysis

Martha I Romero Gonzalez


July 23, 2013
Lanny Shipley

Non Franchised Small Business Analysis
Entrepreneurs have a responsibility to remain focused on the business model before beginning to establish your venture in the markets. Before considering making a purchase of a small business such as, Hope Blooms Flowers and Things, this is located in Eagle, Idaho getting all the right information about this business will help in making the right choice specially by reviewing its business model, according to the text Barringer and Ireland (2008) “ A business del is a plan or also known as a diagram that shows how that firm intends on competing , this includes using structure relationships, resources, and making sure its value is sustain the reason being is it will create value for the firm that will lead to generating profits” . Hope Blooms Flowers and Things caught my attention when conducting research I notice that this business is the only branch within the city it is located in, its purpose is to sell flowers either by selling them in baskets or catering for events.

Training has become a necessity more than a perk or a type of luxury; it is a very important part of running a business especially one that is already when ran by the seller and is now in your hands. The reason training is such an important part of a business is simply because it is a need without the proper training any new hire will be lost and this can affect the growth if not stop success within your firm. The new hires need to gain the proper knowledge on how to perform their daily duties, once you involved any customer relation between the employee and whom you are selling the items to the employee needs to be properly trained on how to interact with these customers. Placing orders needs training almost any activity that you perform within a company there is a set of...

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