Small Business Planning of (VIP Restaurant & Com.)

Small Business Planning of (VIP Restaurant & Com.)

Small Business Planning Of (VIP Restaurant & Com.)

Senior Lecturer
School of Business & Economics, UIU

Submitted By: Sharmen Afroz Nepun
Section: NF
Semester: 1st semester
School of Business & Economics, UIU
Date Of Submission: 08/08/2012

Executive Summary
Normally executive summary should always be written last. VIP Restaurant & Com. should already have a perfectly written product description in our business plan and can now copy-paste the highlights into our executive summary. It should really take minutes!
In the business plan for our restaurant it was stated that location is a key success factor. So in the executive summary it would be perfect to start with the advantages of the location and target audience of the restaurant:
“Restaurant will be opened in leased premises in the very heart of Dhaka – the Loop district. The Loop is the center of Dhaka’s cultural, commercial and financial institutions. It is also the major tourist destination. And the neighboring district – The North Side – is the most densely populated residential section of the city. It is also a popular take-away destination. So our restaurant will target residents of The Loop district, office workers and tourists.”
Then we briefly describe our restaurant’s projected capacity, its specialization and the key competitive advantages (these are also copy-pasted from the business plan):
“The restaurant will specialize in traditional style barbecue meals: smoked pork, veal and fish, steaks and sandwiches. The menu will also include a variety of vegetarian meals and the widest range of sauces. The restaurant’s projected capacity...

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