Small Palm Oil Extraction Machines Work Principle

Small Palm Oil Extraction Machines Work Principle

Palm oil is extracted from oil palm fruits. Oil palm trees grow in the tropics and originated in Africa.

Small PALM OIL EXTRACTION MACHINES has quite a lot of advatages, such as high oil output rates, simple design, easy operation and continuous operation.

Small Palm Oil Extraction Machine Operation:
1.The material (for pretreatment) is sent to the airtight auger in oil extraction plant by the scraper conveyer.

2.The material will be sprayed for extraction by the solvent or mixed oil after they fall the rotary multi-cell extractor.

3.The wet dreg( after dripping) ,falling into the dreg –falling bucket, goes into the evapo-separate machine by the scraper conveyer( though the airtight auger).

4. Having been steamed by and roasted for solvent desorption, the dreg is sent to the dreg storehouse of finished product.

5.The strong mixed oil that has been filtrated by the filter in the percolator flows into the mixed oil tank, enter the fist and second long pipe-evaporator for separating solvent and steam, and then flows into the stripping tower for the desorption of residual solvent.

6.The extracted oil from last process enters the crude oil tank for the refinery plant. The solvent vapors from the pan, stripper, extractor and steam offline machine will be led into the condenser for cooling.

7.The liquid after condensing will flow into the manifold for, and the rest solvent will come back to the solvent flow control.

8.The waste water discharged from the manifold and solvent flow control flows into the pour boiling and then is discharged to the water seal pool after boiling. The free gas upper the equipment will go to the final condenser.

9. The gas not being condensed will enter the absorbing tower for solvent gathering again.

This series of palm oil extraction machines can be used for various raw materials. Such as jatropha seeds, canola seeds, groundnuts, rapeseeds and cotton seeds, sesame seeds, olive seeds, sunflower seeds,...

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