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She never had a classroom of her own but she was always there teaching, whether in a classroom or outside. She was everywhere. I mean when you needed her, she was literally there. My teacher, Mrs. P is a great teacher.

I first met Mrs. P my freshman year in high school. Till this day, I can not spell nor pronounce her name, which is longer than my last name. She would come into our English class a few times out of the week to assist the teacher. She made it easier and fun to learn. Then she would also appear in a few of my other classes. She loved teaching myself, along with the other students in my class so I would see her multiple times throughout my day at school.

I've never seen a teacher go out of their way to go above and beyond to make sure her students were provided with what they needed. I do recall the times when a few of my fellow students wouldn't be able to make it to school and their grades were dropping dramatically. Mrs. P soon found out that they were not attending school because they would live so far, they didn't have a ride to school a few times out of the week. Since our school at he time didnt provide transportation for our students, Mrs. P would get up earlier than usual just so that she was able to pick up the students because she wanted them to be able to receive their education. Of course, with their parents consent.

I admired Mrs. P, she was always happy and had so much positive energy. Every time I would see her, there is a smile so bright that you couldn't help but smile either. She knew how to turn a bad day into an happy ending. She taught me more than English, math, science etc. she taught me life lessons, things they don't teach you in class. At that time, my parents were going through a divorce, she always told me that things won't always go the way we want to. Things happen for a reason. I started to accept all the changes life threw at me and stopped dwelling in the past. I started to have more of a positive...

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