Smoking Kills Many People

Smoking Kills Many People

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Smoking is very harmful and it should be illegal no matter how old a person is. Smoking kills many people and causes a lot of cancers. Also, smoking is a waste of money. People should not have the choice to smoke. Smoking should be illegal!

Smoking kills many people. For example over 400,000 yearly deaths are due to tobacco related diseases. Also in the U.S. about 50,000 people die each year from diseases related to second hand smoke. Furthermore, tobacco kills more Americans than auto accidents, homicides, AIDS, drugs and fires combined. Smoking kills, killing is illegal so smoking should be illegal.

Smoking causes many different cancers. Of the former smokers in the U.S., 138,000 have lung cancer from smoking. Additionally, because of the tobacco industries products, about 339 people in the U.S. die of lung cancer every day. Finally, chromium is in tobacco smoke. Chromium contributes to lung and larynx cancer. Tobacco and the chemicals in cigarettes cause thousands of people to have cancer or die every year.

Smoking is a waste of money. In 2002 consumers spent about $88.2 billion on tobacco products. In fact in 1998 $75.5 billion was spent on smoking-attributable medical expenses. With this in mind a pack of cigarettes cost $6.00 a pack. If a person smokes two packs a day that is $12.00. To smoke for a week it would cost $84.00. A month would cost $360.00 and a year would cost $4320.00! The billions of dollars that are wasted every year on tobacco products and medical expenses could be used for positive things like research and education.

In conclusion smoking should definitely be illegal. Smoking kills too many people every year. Secondly, millions of people have to cope with cancer each day because of tobacco products. Lastly, the money wasted on buying cigarettes could be used more wisely. If smoking continues to be legal, countless people will needlessly die over the next century and money will...

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