Smoking Should Not Be Banned

Smoking Should Not Be Banned

Smoking should be banned in enclosed public places because passive smoking by non-smokers is proven to lead to lung cancer. Comon sense prevails that a ban will lead to a decrease in people smoking. Health statistics prove that in Ireland in 2006 the precentage of people smoking (30%) remained unchanged, however those who avoid smoke filled atmosphere have been given due consideration.

Irelan d led the world in banning smoking in public places some three years ago. The legislation was introduced out of concern for the numbers of young people taking up smoking. Ireland did not carefully define what a public place means. It was sufficient to determine that places where people assemble socially could suffice as a loose definition of a public place.

The combined direct result of reducing the legally acceptable blood alcohol in Ireland and the creation of separate smoking sections for smokers, usually outside the licensed premises, has effectively limited the licensed premises business also known as pubs. The general public welcomed the new legislation. The Irish Vintners Association challenged the unexpected reduction in business and attempted to modify the combined legislation, to no avail.

A cigarette contains some 106 substances which when lit, inhaled and then exhaled expels some known carcinogens into the general atmosphere. Second hand smoke inhaled by non-smokers may cause lung cancer. Presently there is no legislation to protect non-smokers from inhaled carcinogens or passive smoking.

At present Ireland is introducing legislation to protect children in cars under 16 years of age where cigarette smoke is 26 times more concentrated than in a normal sized room.

New York introduced a smoking ban in public places with public place clearly defined. The UK introduced a smoking ban in selected public places. Some EU countries visited Ireland to study the effect of a smoking ban in public places. The EU fully approves Ireland's stance. The general...

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