Smu Photoj Students

Smu Photoj Students

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Contacts: Photo EditorAssociate Photo EditorJ School LiasonSpencer J Eggers


Instructions for the photojournalism students

Taylor Henry E‟Lyn Taylor

214.686.4977 214.768.1514

Choosing Assignments for the Daily Campus:
Events and tasks will be assigned via email and our Google calendar. 1. If you haven‟t already, create a Google account. 2. Ensure that you have received an invitation from Google enabling you to view the “Daily Campus Assignments” calendar. 3. Once you are able to view the “Daily Campus Assignments” calendar, bookmark it. You will want to check this calendar regularly, as it is frequently updated. 4. Each event / task will have a „guest‟ assigned to it. If there is no guest listed with the event / task, no photographer has been assigned to it. 5. If you see an unassigned event / task that you would like to cover, add yourself as a guest, and email me, notifying me that you will be covering the event. 6. On occasion, I may send out an email to all the photojournalism students asking for someone to cover an event, or to complete a task. If you receive the message, and you can do it, REPLY ALL saying that you are going to do it. That way, I won‟t receive 5 submissions for the same thing.

Taking Photos for the Daily Campus:
1. ALL photos MUST be taken with an SLR camera or an SLR Hybrid, at least. If your camera is the size of a deck of cards, you should borrow a camera from the School or from Spencer. You should never take pictures using your cell phone unless it is a BREAKING NEWS event and you have NO other option. Cell phone images CANNOT be published in the print edition. 2. ALL photos should be taken in RAW format. If your camera does not have RAW, you should borrow one that does. Images shot in JPEG lack quality, and are more difficult to edit. ***Remember, file size should be measured in MB (megabytes) not KB (kilobytes). If your...

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