Paper Procurement
June 2010

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The McGraw-Hill Companies Environmental Paper Procurement Guide


The McGraw-Hill Companies
Environmental Paper Procurement Policy
The McGraw-Hill Companies is committed to
environmental stewardship, and specifically,
to sound paper procurement practices that
ensure the sustainability of forests and other
natural resources. We have initiated these
practices within a framework of sound business

disciplines that ensure that we can meet the
commitments we have made to all of our
stakeholders: employees, customers, and
shareholders. We have developed the following
standards for the purchase of paper as used by
our businesses:

) We continually evaluate the paper grades and basis weights used in our products, considering both
performance requirements and environmental loading. We focus on reducing consumption as a
primary method for reducing the greenhouse gas emissions associated with our paper purchases.

) We regularly review with our paper suppliers their environmental performance to help ensure their
compliance with environmental regulations applicable in their countries of operation for papers
purchased directly by The McGraw-Hill Companies.

) We work with our paper suppliers to maximize the percentage of fiber that comes from Chain of
Custody third-party certified well managed forests. We encourage improvement and proactively
support sustainable forestry management practices.

) We require suppliers to have clear policies in place prohibiting illegal logging and/or use of illegal
fiber. We also encourage our suppliers to engage with the appropriate stakeholders for viable
solutions in cases of dispute with regard to fiber procurement practices even if they...