Winter time for most people means cold weather, flu season and trying to stay warm. I agree

that winter has more downs than ups but there is one thing that I love about the winter season

and that is snow. Unfortunately here in western kentucky over the past several years we don’t get

the snow that we got when I was growing up. There was a time when school children would be

off from school for over a week because of snow. Now day’s school children are lucky to get

that many snow days off during the whole winter season. Sleigh riding used to be something

children use to do all day long but that’s a thing of the past. I remember when hot chocolate use

to be the beverage of choice and snow suits and snow boots lay beside the back door. Waking

up early in the morning to look out the window to see if any more new snow had come during

the night.

There are a lot of great memories that I have now as an adult of when I was a child playing in

the snow. Every year when winter season approaches these memories comes back and I cannot

help but to daydream about the years past and that wonderful thing called snow. I know that most

won’t agree but hopefully before this season is over we will get a couple of good days of snow

and maybe we all can get out and make ourselves a couple more good memories about that thing

I love called snow.

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