SOC 100 Midterm Exam Part 2 Assignment

SOC 100 Midterm Exam Part 2 Assignment

Question 1
Which of the following behaviors is most likely the result of workplace socialization?
• Holding the door open for a coworker
• Responding to emails within two hours
• Arriving on time
• Listening quietly when your boss is speaking

Question 2
What is the sociological definition of significant others?
• Specific people important in a child’s life who have the greatest impact on their self-evaluation
• Relationships characterized by intense emotional ties, face-to-face interaction, intimacy, and a strong, enduring sense of commitment
• Those whose opinions provide the basis for how we judge our own attitudes or behaviors
• People of similar age and social standing that influence our norms and values

Question 3
The study of social interaction as if it were governed by the norms of theatrical performance is referred to as:
• Presentation of self
• Theatrical socialization
• Dramaturgical approach
• Shakespearean social interaction

Question 4
The unspoken classroom socialization to the norms, values, and roles of a culture that school provides is referred to as:
• Textbook socialization
• Socialization curriculum
• Curriculum of inequality
• Hidden curriculum

Question 5
Which of the following behaviors is most likely the result of family socialization?
• Texting and holding a face-to-face conversation at the same time
• Standing during the playing of the national anthem
• Arriving to an important appointment 15 minutes early
• Performing specific household chores
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Question 6
Adopting the behavior or standards of a group you emulate or hope to join is referred to as:
• Conformity
• Clique socialization
• Anticipatory socialization
• Pro-active conformity

Question 7
The ability of groups to exclude outsiders participating in the group or enjoying group resources is referred to as:
• Social exclusion

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