soc 110

soc 110

Creating an Agenda

August 23, 2015

An outline of items discussed at meeting is called an agenda. A well prepared agenda is an organizational tool a road map that helps group members focus on a progression of tasks. When distributed ahead of time, it helps participants prepare for a meeting by telling them what to expect and what they will need to contribute. An agenda also provides a sense of continuity for a group it tracks members’ assignments and provides status checks for work in progress (Engleberg & Wynn, Working in Groups, 2012).
An agenda for a virtual team based on research and development of a Patient Purpose group. This group will be objective in the assumed virtual agenda shown in the table below.

Agenda for a virtual team
Table 1: Agenda for Virtual Team
The team members are working on development of Patient Purpose Group . Every month on third Wednesday the virtual meeting is conducted. This will be a group with the agenda of focusing on Patients purpose for rehabilitation.
Team Size
6 members including the team leader
Date, Time and Place
On 20th May 2015 10 AM EST
Submission of reports
The reports of previous month regarding research should be submitted
Targets for next month
The target or project objectives for the next month should will be communicated to team members
The announcements regarding incentives, paid holidays and monetary benefits to the team members
The team members from different locations are given time for at least five minutes for each person to raise any queries.
Minutes of the meeting
The minutes of the present meeting are communicated to the team members orally and in written format.
Fixing next meeting
The consent of all the team members is collected for fixing the date for next month.

In a virtual meeting, how can you ensure a group is communicating effectively?
The virtual group members rely on...

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