SOC 318

SOC 318

Week 1 Quiz
Question 1. 1. One of the primary roles of advertising is to communicate product utility. (Points : 1)

Question 2. 2. Since advertising is typically directed to groups of people rather than to individuals, advertising is defined as: (Points : 1)
       a channeled form of communication.
       a subtle medium.
       sponsor-driven strategy.
       a market segmentation strategy.
       non-personal or mass communication.

Question 3. 3. The first step in market aggregation is to determine the primary demand trend within the targeted market. (Points : 1)

Question 4. 4. _____ is the pattern of attitudes and activities that help people reinforce, sustain or modify their social and self-image. (Points : 1)
       Primary motivation
       Attribution theory
       Reciprocal activation
       Perceptual motivation
       Motivational mapping

Question 5. 5. Tina is a new student at a private academy. She values the opinions of her new classmates and tries to dress just like them. She watches the same television shows they watch and tries to copy their hair style and the way they stand. For Tina, her new classmates are a(n): (Points : 1)
       approval center.
       focus group.
       standard bearer.
       cultural norm.
       reference group.

Question 6. 6. One of the distinct groups in the advertising business is the suppliers who act as the communications vehicles paid to present an advertisement to their target audience. (Points : 1)

Question 7. 7. _____ has driven the growth of advertising since its earliest beginnings and has made it one of the hallmarks of the free enterprise system. (Points : 1)
       The cultural environment
       Tactical management strategy

Question 8. 8. An example of negatively-originated motives that energize...

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