Soc120 Week4

Soc120 Week4

Throughout my life I have been involved in groups or organizations which consisted of the first primary group was my extended family with the secondary group as us girls (the neighborhood “in-group”) who ruled the neighborhood and were mostly related by blood.   Another primary group I later became a part of, in high school, was the cheerleader group while a secondary group was my friends who were not all members but were my “in-group” that I became a part of during my formative years

My family as the primary group played a pivotal role in my initial socialization process and in the development of my role and status in my early life.   The family was instrumental in my day-to-day existence as I identified closely with them as my primary group and still does today.

The secondary or in-group of my friends taught me initially about developing leadership qualities as sometimes you were called upon to lead..

The only formal organization I could think I am part of it is my workplace. In the world of formal organizations such as large corporations and businesses that do nationwide and worldwide business there is a lot of structure involved in these companies. Both types of organizations have rules and guidelines they follow according to a basic layout or chart. Many large organizations or businesses of any type use a format or structure to follow to set this into motion. Without these rules the company would not have any type of organization or structure to follow and be considered a reputable company of any kind. Certain requirements must be met and followed by the employees to ensure they are doing a good job for the company.

Even though I belong to a formal organization, I have friends that work with me and they are part of my social groups, but even that we have a different way to interact (more informal and casual) we keep a the clearly defined rules and regulations of the workplace.

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