Social and Ethical responsibility in marketing

Social and Ethical responsibility in marketing

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Social and Ethical Responsibility in Marketing
Odesta Bimbo
Principals of Marketing
Miles College
Instructor: Ms.Williams
November 23, 2015

Ethics are our acceptance about what is moral and immoral. While these beliefs may differ from one individual to another or one company to another, ethics and business responsibility are a vital part to any business's marketing department. The objectives of the marketing department are to aim an audience, appeal to that audience, and get the audience to buy that specific product or service. A company must make sure that they are first abiding by all rules and regulations, but they should also attempt to be sure that they are performing ethically and justly. One understanding of ethics may vary greatly among persons, but it still exists. While the need for ethics in business and marketing has been pointed out in many sources, many have insisted that a good deal of consumer concern is with marketing and its related doings.

Social and Ethical Responsibility in Marketing
Most marketing groups do not purposely work in seclusion from the rest of the world ("Social Responsibility in Marketing -," n.d.). In its place they find that greater chances exist if the organization is noticeably accessible and involved with the community ("Social Responsibility in Marketing -," n.d.). When problems arise between the public and the organization marketing is often at the median ("Social Responsibility in Marketing -," n.d.). In recent years the number of matters raised by the public has enlarged. One reason for the upsurge is the growing perception that marketing establishments are not just sellers of product but also have a natural accountability to be more socially accountable, with being more responsible for its activities and more receptive in speaking to social concerns ("Social...

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