Social Anxiety

Social Anxiety

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I. Intro
The topic I am researching is on social anxiety. The reason why I chose this topic was because I always wondered why were people shy and nervous in social atmospheres? and how to do they cope with anxiety affects. This topic ultimately ruled out every other disorder because I experienced some of the symptoms of this disorder as a child and wanted to learn the basics about it. In researching this topic I hope to inform my readers more about the seriousness of this disorder.

II. Body
Document number one

b. National Institute of Mental Health
c. The National Institute of Mental Health is the largest organization in the world that support science in that it would help transform treatment and the prevention of mental disorders
d. http://www.nimh,

2. This document is about understanding the disorder “Social Anxiety”. It goes into debt further about people with disorder and their reactions from it, worrying for days and weeks before a critical situation and this fear goes to the extreme where than they are missing out on the necessities of life. Like work, school etc. It also talks about different types of social phobias and their symptoms. The author mentions the various help you can receive while with this social phobia.

3. The format was very in-depth. The style was very user friendly. The audience seems to be people like me who has experienced or know someone who has a social phobia. The author doesn’t use that many references being as though the study was at the National Institute of Mental Health.

4. The homepage for this document was very informative. It clearly illustrates what the Mental Institute of Mental Health represents, which is helping people with the help of science. I can easily find what I’m looking for. All of the important headings are in large and bold letters so you can find the most prominent. The site also offers other...

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