Social Classes

Social Classes

What Class Do You See Yourself In?

Look around and tell me what you see. There might be an old beat-up car or people walking around. Some people might be wearing expensive looking jewelry and handbags while others may have on a pair of dingy jeans and a pair of ran-over tennis shoes. The social classes are important to many people nowadays. There is the upper class, middle class, and low class or poor. What do these classes mean to society?

The upper class contains celebrities, CEO, business owners, millionaires and well to do. Some of throw their money all over the place buying things such as million dollar homes Range Rovers, Lamborghinis, Rolls Royce, and other expensive cars. They might wear and buy expensive jewelry and other things. But, there are other things that the upper class has that the middle class and low class do not. Some of these things include education, privilege, and leisure. The image that is usually portrayed about the upper class is uppity, nannies, expensive clothes, cars, and homes. Others may be more humble with their money. Most will give to organizations and charities.

The middle class is the working class. The middle class works for the upper class. They make ends meet at the end of the month and may have a little left over for leisure. Their leisure is not as extravagant as the upper class unless they have been working towards it for awhile. They education received by the middle class may be semi-private or a good public school. Their home may not be big and elaborate but it is a place that they be able to call their own. The middle class may have sang bonds or have some stock but not as much as the upper class. The middle class is making it in this tough world.

The low class is the wage earners. They are making minimum wage or just a little more. They may not have any stocks or wealth. The education they received may be some high school or just high school diploma or GED. The low class has almost...

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