Social Construction of Reality

Social Construction of Reality

Social Construction of Reality

Social status is defined as the position that a person holds and is also defined as the rank that one holds in society. My social status is a wife, sister, aunt, cousin and mentor to the girls in my groups. My social status at work is a teacher. My ascribed status is that I am a daughter, niece, aunt and sister. My achieved status is a teacher and dancer. My status as a student allows me to play a role of successfully participating in and attending classes. My social status at work is to provide the foundation for children who do not have the love and support of parents. My status varies from that of my peers because they deal with customers which they encounter on one occasion whereas I deal with the same group for a year before the routine is changed.

My status at home is a wife which means I do not answer to anyone whereas in school, I am a student and deal with a professor and classmates. At work I deal professionally with parents and my supervisor and in school my classmates relate similar experiences.

My view of the world influenced as a wife has changed from being a daughter and granddaughter. My decisions have to be cautiously made so as not to affect people around me whereas when I was not married I could sleep over at friends, stay out late with friends, go out to the club every other weekend; this has all changed because I have to respect my husband.

Social construction of reality is the process by which people creatively shape reality through social interaction.


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