Social History Paper

Social History Paper

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Social History 1


Social History
Nakeia Coston-Robinson
SWRK 330 Human Behaviors & the Social Environment
June 11, 2009
Ms. Tamara Carter, MSW, LCSW

Social History 2

Social History

In this paper I will be interviewing a young lady by the name of Ms. Vanessa Shaw. Ms. Shaw's life changed dramatically when she moved to Brooklyn, NY. While her stay in New York she birth three children two boys and a girl. Also, Ms. Shaw was able to go back to school and obtain a Degree in Medical Diagnostic Sonography.
Background Information
Ms. Vanessa Shaw is tall, approximately five ft. nine inches, brown skinned, medium built, 40 years old andlives in Brooklyn, NY. She moved to Brooklyn because the apartments were cheaper than Manhattan and this is the only place that she would like to live in New York City. Ms. Shaw has lived in East New York Brooklyn for only seven months and she has lived in New York City for 25 years throughout her life.
The highest grade that she has completed was being a junior in college. In high school Ms. Shaw went to East Bladen in Elizabethtown, NC, Abraham Lincoln in Brooklyn, NY where most residents of Coney Island attended. She also has attended Long Island University to major in Finance because she was working at Chase Bank, and they also had her taking classes at Columbia University. She did not like finance so she stopped going to LIU. A few years later, she went to New York University to major in Medical Diagnostic Sonography, and just graduated from that program in May 2009. Ms. Shaw is not currently attending school.

Social History 3
Ms. Shaw is very introverted and outgoing. She is normally quiet until she becomescomfortable with the people that she is around, then she become very loose and friendly. She is also a very hard person to read, does not show too much emotion and many people tell her that she is nonchalant.
Current Family Life
Ms. Shaw has three children, two boys and...

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