Social Justice

Social Justice

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Issue Brief #1
Hate Groups

1. What is a “hate group”?

A hate group is a collection of people who show hostility, often unjustified, towards another group. Most commonly the target group belongs to some heavily stereotyped set of people such as race or sexual orientation.

2. What are some characteristics of hate groups?

Hate groups have many characteristics that are used to both unite the members and scare the targets. Members of hate groups, such as Ayran Nation, often have distinctive tattoos or other symbols in which to easily identify fellow members. Much like countries or religious groups, hate groups also identify themselves with a flag to enhance their unity. These symbols are used to intimidate their targets and, more generally, promote their dominance.
These groups are often very welcoming of anyone with the same view. They provide a safe place for this view to expressed, and as such attract people who are persecuted socially for thinking it. So while to outsiders the group just seems violent, the people belonging to the group have a connection of being with like-minded individuals.
Hate groups often promote and encourage violence towards their target group, some even going as far to require an act of hate to become a member.

3. Are there any “core ideologies” (core beliefs) shared among hate groups that might suggest a common cause or purpose? Briefly describe them.

The only definite core ideology I see is that of superior / inferior mentality. While it's probably true most everyone has a sense of being superior to groups that they don't belong to, members of hate groups seem to take this further. From what I can tell, most hate groups revolve around 'protecting' their group from a group thought to be inferior. The members of these hate groups are so involved in the idea of their groups superiority, and afraid of their group losing said superiority, that they are prompted to actively try and prevent other groups from...

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