Social Networks

Social Networks

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What Types of Social Networks Exist?
While Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn might be the first sites that come to mind when thinking of social networking, these popular websites do not represent the full scope of social networks that exist. Learn more about the different options available for people to interact and collaborate with each other online.

Seven Major Social Network Categories
1. Social Connections
Keeping in touch with friends and family members is one of the greatest benefits of social networking..

2. Multimedia Sharing
Social networking makes it easy to share video and photography content online.

3. Professional
Professional social networks are designed to provide opportunities for career-related growth. Some of these types of networks provide a general forum for professionals to connect, while others are focused on specific occupations or interests.

4. Informational
Informational communities are made up of people seeking answers to everyday problems. For example, when you are thinking about starting a home improvement project or want to learn how to go green at home, you may perform a web search and discover countless blogs, websites, and forums filled with people who are looking for the same kind of information

5. Educational
Educational networks are where many students go in order to collaborate with other students on academic projects, to conduct research for school, or to interact with professors and teachers via blogs and classroom forums. Educational social networks are becoming extremely popular within the educational system today.

6. Hobbies
One of the most popular reasons many people use the Internet is to conduct research on their favorite projects or topics of interest related to personal hobbies. When people find a website based on their favorite hobby, they discover a whole community of people from around...

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