Social Problems

Social Problems

Toriano Jackson

English 011

Professor Coomer

Argumentive Essay

Tecumseh Dinning Center

Many people feel that Tecumseh Dinning Center is a good place to eat, but there are also some people that disagree. Tecumseh Dinning center has many food selections. The problem is that they offer the same greasy, nasty food every day. The solution if they would change up the food selection every once in while it would make it better. When asking many people about the Tecumseh Dinning Center the comments are that there is good food.

The problem that is occurring at Vincennes University is that the Tecumseh Dinning Center has bad food. When a person goes up to the line they are given a plate. When students look at the food all they see is greasy food. Greasy food makes people not want it. Another problem is that Sodexo serves the same food every day. After eating the same food everyday it gets old. The lines served there are the pizza line, the sub line, the burger line.

The solution is that if Sodexo would change up the food selection everyday more people would want to eat there. One way they could change up the food is by adding more lines to the buffets. They could add lines like a Mexican line, an Italian line, a mixture of European food lines. Another way Sodexo could fix the problem is by getting another caterer. A good caterer in Vincennes is Carla’s Catering. There they serve different things. One thing the serve is chicken. They serve fried chicken, grilled chicken, any kind of chicken. They also serve homemade food like mashed potatoes and chicken and noodles.

Many people say that Tecumseh Dinning center has wonderful food. They might say the food choices are good. They might also say there are many food choices. Tecumseh Dinning Center has been around for a while. Many people might say that is why the food is good. Many people will also say that since there is many food lines the food will always be good because of the food selection....

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