Social Psychology Assignment 1

Social Psychology Assignment 1

Assignment 1: Description of Research Methodology

Dominque McCaskill

Dr. Clinton D. Gortney

Social Psychology

“Storybooks Gets Kids to Eat Their Veggies”

July 12th , 2015

The article I selected from the SPARQ website is entitled “Storybooks Gets Kids to Eat Their Veggies”(Gripshover, S. J., & Markman, E. M.) (n.d.) , which summarizes, Gripshover, S. J., & Markman, E. M. (2013), a research article on the topic.

In this article the main research method used in this study was observation. Gripshover and Markman set up two groups: storybook condition and control condition and recorded what happened in each test group.

I believe the research methodology that the researchers used in the study was the most appropriate for the study because it's the best way to get accurate results. Like the recorded in the research the kids in the storybook condition increased the amount of veggies they consumes after they were read the books. The control condition group didn't show any change in how the kids consumed their veggies. But by using observation that's how they got these results.

I do not believe that observation method provides the most information in general. Observing eliminates sometimes faulty recollections and misrepresented interpretations of one's own behavior. Even though action does speak louder than word, it's not as effective as technology.

I do believe that observational research is ethical because researchers are just trying to gather information. If they would ask for consent before observation people wouldn't act as they normally would cause biased information.

Gripshover, S. J., & Markman, E. M. (n.d) Storybooks Get Kids to Eat Their Veggies. Retrieved from

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