Social Psychology

Social Psychology

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Has the perception of Young British Muslims changed their Identity Post 9/11?

Aims & Objective

▪ Has the aftermaths of 9/11 had a major effect on a Muslim’s identity
▪ Do Muslims feel that their beliefs are challenged on a day to day basis
▪ Are individuals discriminated, stereotyped and others sorts of negative attitudes towards them in terms of employment, education or interacting with non-Muslims

There are many reasons as to why I decided to choose this topic regarding Muslims and post 9//11. Being a British Muslim myself I believe there are many challenges faced by practicing my religion and living in the west, where majority of individuals views are shaped by the media which represents Muslims in a very negative manner by labelling them as ‘terrorist’ and ‘radicalist’, and discriminating them and stigmatising them as aliens. The west has a very vivid image of Muslims they stereotype men as being dominant and women being oppressed because they choose to cover themselves in the Islamic dress known as the hijjab and jilbab. All these attitudes have increased extremely post 9/11 due to the political and social climate. There is no news or newspaper headlines without Muslims init, it has become such a huge phenomena that it has brought about islamophobia where the west feel a phobia towards Muslims. Due to the foreign policy in Iraq, Afghanistan the younger generation especially have felt violated and angry and some have been fighting for their rights as well as their fellow Muslims by waging the Islamic war (Jihad) and expressing their views and concerns in more ways than one, which have led to various prison camps opening with controversial opinions in terms of inhuman treatment of the Muslim prisoners in guantanamo bay, camp delta, abu ghuraib. Young British Muslims feel that their rights as citizens in the west are biased towards them. I want to know as young British Muslims do they feel there identity whether personal or social has...

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