social work

social work

In this case assessment I have an client named Suzanne an 22 year old single woman who has been living with her boyfriend Jack in Manhattan. Suzanne is a drug addict and her most addictive drug she is using is heroin. Heroin is an highly addictive drug,specifically, heroin is produced from morphine.However, Suzanne drinks alcohol with the heroin and she uses other types of drugs such as, Valium or Klonopin to cope through life.The drug that has the greatest danger in the withdrawal stage would be the heroin. In Suzanne case it tells that she can not function throughout life without the herion.Suzanne does work but the work she does is prostitution. She works the streets at night so she can purchase more heroin and pay her apartment rent.

Suzanne situation can put her in a lot of danger with her life and herself.You have to think of it this way what if she get into something with one of her clients they can end up doing anything to her.Now that Suzanne is pregnant she can cause danger to her baby if she continue to do the drugs.Even if she wants to keep the baby she needs to know the harm she would be doing the baby and thats when social services really get involved.If Suzanne continued this act while pregnant her and Jack will definably be considered unfitted parents.

There are treatment options that are available for Suzanne because there are other people that may be suffering the same way she is not the only one. Suzanne should want to considered getting some type of treatment not only for the baby but for herself too.As an social worker we would discuss agency services and the clients expectation.Decide if the agency and worker can help Suzanne. I would recommend that Jack tag along with the sessions.

Also, there were many strength that was seen in this case. A growth would be getting Jack and Suzanne to interact with each other make sure they are on the same page.The agency can have them find a good job and find a better living where they can...

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