Social Work

Social Work

Reflection Assignment Seven
Remembering Being a Child
1. Learning to write. Using your non-dominant foot, draw a picture of yourself and write your first name.
Write a brief statement about how it felt to learn writing/drawing as a new skill. Turn in the picture.

This was actually a fun assignment! I even had my roommate tried it as well with me and we laughed a lot. I used my left foot to draw my name and picture of myself, it was really difficult. My feet was shaking and the marker was kept falling out of my foot because I couldn’t grip it well. Drawing the picture of myself was even harder I was actually surprise that I even form a circle. Looking back at my work I laughed at myself, it actually brought back a lot of memories of me as a child. I remember when I was first learning how to write my name I used to get frustrated and I would throw tantrums because I just couldn’t get my lines right. I didn’t understand at the time that it would take time and that practice makes perfect. When I finally was able to write clearly I remember being so happy I ran to my mom and show her my paper and she took me out for ice cream.

Additionally, Pick TWO of the following:
2. The height challenge. At your home, get on your knees as you get ready for bed. Include washing your hands in the sink and brushing your teeth without moving your current placements of soap, towels, etc. Describe your experience and ways you might rearrange a bathroom for children.

This was also a fun activity to do. For this activity, I had to really depend on my roommate for help. When I needed help I had to wait for her. Like any other child if they ask you for help and you tell them to wait they get impatient and try to do everything their selves. So that is exactly what happen, luckily the bathroom sink was a little bit low so I was able to reach the knob a little bit. While I was brushing my teeth and I would lean over the sink the toothpaste would be all over the...

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