How can project management help you throughout your career?

Projects in the public sector could include an array of simple mundane activities such as meetings, conferences, and workshops. Projects may also be officially sanctioned within the public sector and form part of special initiatives or a part of larger policy implementation activities and programmes. As a professional within the public service, specialization in Project management will benefit my career tremendously.

Project Management has become a core skill in the make-up of all public sector managers and professionals. Of more importance however, is the manner in which my specialisation in Project Management would allow for capacity building in support of enhanced Public Service delivery. Project Management is essential in developing the economic environment of my country.

The benefits of project management contain all the elements of what is a truly symbiotic relationship between me the manager, the client and workers. The manager would include myself and other project management specialists employed within the Government Service of my country. The Client would include whichever public sector body attached to the project or Donor agencies or other NGOs who may fund or require the undertaking of a project.

Project Management is a concept that would enable me as a manager to guide a project from point “A” to point “B” and do so in a way that demonstrates efficiency, cost-savings and ingenuity. The project management specialty would allow me to manage, while leading a team and institute a strategy that will see a project reach fruition. My clients would benefit because they are allowed to provide feedback, while having the knowledge that their input really means something. Workers on the project benefit from the workers/team relationship which project completion depends on. Team members are able to have a stake in the project and would want to see it...

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