Socialization of Children

Socialization of Children

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There is no deny that children are the master of future and the destiny of our society is closely tied to the development of children before they take an oath to be responsible for themselves as well as the society. However, does the socialization of children the only determinant of society's destiny, as the speaker claims? In my opinion, though society' destiny depends a lot on how children are socialized, but isn't exclusively determined by it. With respect to whether we failed to cultivate children into adults who can make a better world, I think at least the facts show we did not so bad and it's the responsibility of both the adults and the children to bring about a better society.

Admittedly, as the new generation of the society, children should be well socialized to prepare them to be qualified citizens and fulfill their due tasks. Since an early age, children are taught about the basic principles of the world, both natural and societal. They acquired the fundamental physical laws as well as ideas and values which spring from our ancestors, passing from one generation to another. This is what formal education mainly responsible for, to endow them with logical thinking and reasoning ability which enable them to work out difficulties by themselves. What's more, socialization not only concerns about making a capable man or woman, but also creates a suitable and liable citizen. Human beings are sociable creatures. so apart from skills or techniques, children should be taught, in various ways and by various instructors including parents, teachers or friends, the ethics and moral standards which we insist on. Realizing being part of a group and everyone must act according to his or her role assigned and take on the responsibilities, is the foundation for becoming a eligible citizen to make a contribution to the society.

Nevertheless, the crucial role socialization of children plays on society's destiny doesn't mean it's the only determinant. Common sense...

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