Socioal Topics

Socioal Topics

The Social Evil

(1) Introduction:

(2) A worldwide problem

(3) Situation in Pakistan

(4) The evil effects it produces

(5) The causes of …

(6) The remedies of …

(7) Conclusion

Looking up the dictionary, we may say that Social Evil is “any vice that may hurt society in general, posing serious threats.” There is no doubt that … has become one of the biggest social evils of present age. It is causing a lot of problems for man.

An evil is always there in society. There could hardly be any society free from it. …is present everywhere, even in the developed countries like U.S.A. Britain and France are also suffering from its sinister sway. The situating is more alarming in the third world countries like Pakistan.

We have been facing this moral and social problem in our country for ages. Pakistan is paying a lot due to this evil. All the institutions have been badly hit: still the efforts are being put forward to tackle the issue but to no avail. The culprits are taking a hide under different political and religious organizations.

It produces a number of evil effects on society. It destabilizes the country: it causes widespread depression. A feeling of uncertainty and insecurity is nurtured as an after effect. It hurts economic prosperity, social peace and national unity. Consequently, nation’s good image is spoiled all over the world. It causes lawlessness and shatters people’s faith in state institutions.

There are a number of causes of … in Pakistan:

(1) One of the major causes of the spread of … is the political condition of our country. The struggle for power among the ruling elites makes them to surrender before many culprits. Ultimately, it leads to the spread of ….

(2) Another cause for this pitfall is a non-stop increasing population. The population adds to the poverty and this guides the county towards all sorts of evils.

(3) The...

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