sociological imagination

sociological imagination

imagination on Racism
on campus
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Sociological imagination on Racism
on campus
• I decided to carry out a research in Barton Community college to
investigate why racism is eminent among the minority groups
• Barton College has a large part of its population being white ,the
remaining being Blacks and Latinos
• I did this research during of my free weekends’
• This would help me ascertain whether the information found in
newspapers is correct about the levels of racism in campus

Sociological imagination on Racism
on campus
The participants were twenty students who were randomly selected
The were required to fill and open ended questionnaire on why racism
exists among the minorities
Among the population of participants, five were white while the rest
were blacks and Hispanics.
They had twenty minutes to fill all the questions in the questionnaire
The advantage of the method is that there was no rigidity in the
questionnaires and the participants could include any information they
thought was necessary

Sociological imagination on Racism
on campus
• However, the sample size was too small and could not reflect the
ideas of all the minorities
• In addition, not all participants had been affected by racism, so they
could not give a direct account of how it feels
• The research was longitudinal and it would have been better to be
done over several days in order to capture a larger student population
• If I were to change I would use a cross-sectional method of research
• I would also visit another community college located in a different

Sociological imagination on Racism
on campus
• In their assertions, the minorities and the whites concurred that
racism is prevalent among the student population
• One of the participants noted about how some students used to joke
about her since she was a Latino
• She would be called an illegal immigrant, and this really hurt her...

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