Sociological Perspective

Sociological Perspective

1. What is the sociological perspective? How is it different from common sense?

Sociological perspective is a way to view society without using our opinion or beliefs. We, as humans, have our own set of experiences which seems to guide how we live and judge. This way of thinking distorts reality. To view our world through the sociological perspective we objectively evaluate the facts without using life experiences and beliefs. This process involves making a huge effort to question that which is true and what is self-serving or common sense.
Common sense consists of what the general public would agree on as good will or sound judgment. It uses our experiences and beliefs to guide us to act. Common sense is usually based on very limited information and is rarely examined. Common sense is not questioned to be true or fact. We are only told in society to use our common sense, our best judgment.
The difference between to two is like night and day. The sociological perspective wants society to cast aside their instinct see reality. Where as common sense relies on what society believes is right or wrong. Human experience clouds the true evidence to see through a sociologic perspective. To question what is fair society needs to base its findings by using fact and reality. Then question it by making sure it is not self-serving or opinion. Sometimes sociological perspective may confirm a common sense observation. Then again I may surprise and open the eyes of society.

2. How do the media shape our perception of society?

The media shapes our perception of society by feeding their ideas and information. The media seeds a captive audience to communicate their message. Advertisers are consistently looking at new ways to create a connection to the consumer. The challenge for advertisers is to capture attention. By using focus groups and gathering information advertisers are creating ways to use voice presentation, word...

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