Sociology Course

Sociology Course

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Week Three Post-Discussion Reaction Form

At the end of your weekly discussions, answer the following questions in 100 to 200 words. Be honest. You will not be graded on any negative responses.

Group Interaction

1. How clear was the intent of the discussion? The clear intent of this discussion was to collaborate together and focused on the two videos based on this week's topic, group leadership and conflicts. We all reviewed the video and feedback on it. I was the first person to step in and made sure everyone collaborated because there were no doing at the time. We at borrowed time right now and I need the team's participation in order complete this assignment on our own. I started with the topic on constructive and destructive conflicts that happen in both videos. Some team members responded to the topic. I also provide posted and provided examples to determine what theory and style of leadership was used in both videos. Then, I posted the two remain questions for the team to answer. I pretty much to the lead for this week team discussion.
2. How prepared were your group members for the discussion? Everyone has reviewed the videos carefully and giving their input on the situation. Even though this assignment is been done in the last moment, we very determine to make sure this assignment is completed.
3. Did everyone participate equally in the discussion? It was only two people participating at time, but we now we are equally coming together and discussing the topics at hand so we work on our individual assignment.
4. Were group members open to different points of view? I believe so because I was open their ideas. There mixed of ideas and opiunions that the team has shared and I each agree to some of them. Overall, they were good.
5. How would you describe the overall climate of the discussion? The discussion was great. Some members were confused of finding the team but everyone had that say in the discussion,...

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