Sociology Paper

Sociology Paper

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Throughout history the creation of early families has been caused by many reasons. Teen pregnancy and marriage are primarily the causes behind this. Early family formation has made the educational attainment level lower for individuals raised in conservative Protestant homes. However children raised in more developed and well-planned households tend to succeed more often in the educational aspect of life. For white mothers, early family formation reduces the negative effect of childhood CP to insignificance. And in the case of black mothers, the early formation does not take away the negative effects.

The early formation of a family helps to show that a weak family background can ruin the educational skills for children in the family. In the case of CP families, early formation actually drastically lowers the rate for educational attainment amongst individuals. To counteract these mistakes, there has been a renewed study of the link between cultural beliefs and demographic behavior. Many families have switched to home schooling their children, in an attempt to prevent premarital sex and in order to promote religion based ideas into the children’s minds.

After talking to my mom about this article her beliefs were that adults should work hard to prevent from forming early families. She stated that couples engaging in sex should seek counseling before they decide to attempt to have children. By doing this, their families would be developed and they would not have to run the risk of having their children struggle in school and to further their education. Also she added that the reforms being used today like religious based private school and sex education classes have helped to drastically decrease early family formation.

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