Certificate 15​:
Our target is mainly targeted towards teenagers.
As a group we have decided that our certificate ring would be 15. The reason for this because it is a suitable age rating for these type of thriller films as thrillers tend to attract young teenagers & adults.
If the certificate rating was any lower it would affect the younger generation as they would be afraid to watch the film as it may contain form of violence which may harm the emotionally or physically.
Therefore as a group we decided that this certificate rating was best for our opening.

Cinema Viewings​:

Teenagers of the age of 15+ usually tend to go to the movies/cinemas much often.
These sort of thrillers are usually viewed by this age range as they tend to love the feeling of suspense & feeling scared.
In addition teenager are usually allowed to go out to cinemas quite a lot without an required adult t the age of 15 therefore they tend to go with their mates, so the cinema viewing would be mu more higher due o the amount of view it will receive from our target audience.
However if young children were to watch these type of movies they will require a responsible adult as this may be to difficult for them to watch y themselves as they may be too scared or may not understand what is going on.

How To Grab The Audiences Attention:​
These sorts of films catch teenagers’ attention in different types of ways. The thriller genre aims to scare the audience in as it relates to reality therefore individuals are able to relate to it much more. The fact that thrillers are based on reality makes the audience much more interested wanting to find out more, therefore being glued onto their seats feeding of the screen.
The type of effects & sound effects used within thrillers is also key as it makes the audience jump making showing that they are drawn in the film.

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