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Week Three Post-Discussion Reaction Form

At the end of your weekly discussions, answer the following questions in 100 to 200 words. Be honest. You will not be graded on any negative responses.

Group Interaction

1. How clear was the intent of the discussion? The intent of the discussion was made very clear from the beginning of the group meeting. The team talked about the meeting before we actually met and laid out what would be expected once we arrived at the meeting. The intent was also to discuss the videos planning a playground, and The politics of sociology.
2. How prepared were your group members for the discussion? All members of the group were prepared for the discussion, all had watched the video of the meetings with clear understanding of what they learned this week.
3. Did everyone participate equally in the discussion? All four members of the group participated equally and contributed the same amount, although I wish some members provided more thoughts about the videos.
4. Were group members open to different points of view? The discussion went very well, each team member was very respectful of each others opinions and thoughts.
5. How would you describe the overall climate of the discussion?
6. Did you feel your group was productive in the discussion? Did you use the time efficiently? The group was very productive and efficient, we arrived at the discussion on our own time, and immediately went to work on contributing our thoughts. Every member stayed on task mostly the entire time.
7. What strategies can you use in future discussions to increase productivity and outcomes? A strategy I can use in the future is putting progressive time expectations for each of the discussion
points. This would have allowed each member to gather all thoughts in a timely matter.
8. What approach will you take next time to increase group cohesion? So far the group as a whole has been very cohesive from the start, but...

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