SOCS 315 Week 3

SOCS 315 Week 3

Week Three Case Study

Name: Jorge Ortiz

Course: SOCS 315

Professor Jennifer Johnson

Date: 21th January, 2016

Case Study

In this week case study we analyzed Marietta and Jeremy’s relationship and explored their views on marriage. From what we know from the excerpt, they have been engaged for a year now and have been dating about three years. Given those years together they are arranging their wedding. As for Marietta, she was born and raised in an Island of the Philippines. She migrated to the United State about five years back perhaps in an effort to pursue the “American Dream”, and not too long within those years she eventually obtained a citizenship, which granted her residency. She has never been married to anyone and from her cultural background she has solid family ties and holds strong family values. On the other hand, Jeremy was married for five years and has a six-year-old child. His divorced has finalized after four years prior of a difficult process and a harsh negotiation. Subsequently, he spited all of his assets and was not in financial stability. After much turmoil from this ordeal, he was able to recover by his ambitions and work ethics he grew strength to assemble an organization and successfully became fiscally stable once again. Though in his relationship aspect, he envisions an everlasting partner with Marietta, by any means he does not want to think of the worst in separation. However, he cannot forget about his past experience with divorce. He is traumatized by its misfortune outcome. It has taught him a lesson and he’s dealt with a lot of stress over child custody. From all the troubles he went through, he wants to put a prenuptial contractual agreement in to his marriage, but he fears Marietta can't grasp the concept, as there are underlying meanings behind it.

In this essay as we will be assuming the roles of Jeremy because I can relate to...

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