Sodium Citrate Dihydrate Market Value Share, Analysis and Segments 2015-2025

Sodium Citrate Dihydrate Market Value Share, Analysis and Segments 2015-2025

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Citrate Dihydrate
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Global Sodium Citrate Dihydrate Market: Overview
Sodium citrate dihydrate (C6H5Na3O7•2H2O), also known as citric trisodium salt
dihydrate, or trisodium citrate dehydrate is obtained from citric acid and is available in
granular or powder form having a salty but pleasant taste. Sodium citrate dihydrate is
odorless and freely soluble in water, marginally deliquescent in moist air, and insoluble in
alcohol. It is prepared by completely neutralizing citric acid with high purity sodium
hydroxide or carbonate followed by crystallization.
Sodium citrate dihydrate is a non-toxic, neutral salt having low reactivity. It shows
chemically stability when stored at ambient temperatures. Sodium citrate dihydrate is
totally biodegradable and disposable with the regular waste or sewage. It is widely used
in the food industry in preservatives, and as a flavoring agent. According to the FDA
Select Committee, sodium citrate are regarded as safe when used in normal quantities. In
the pharmaceutical industry, it is used to resist changes in the pH. Sodium citrate
dihydrate also finds its use as a buffering agent, alkalizing agent, emulsifying agent, or
sequestering agent.
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Global Sodium Citrate Dihydrate Market: Segmentation
Global sodium citrate dihydrate market is segmented into types, forms, functions,
applications, manufacturing methods, and region.

Report Description
Types of sodium citrate dehydrate can be segmented into monosodium citrate, disodium
citrate, and trisodium citrate. The global sodium citrate dihydrate market can be
segmented on the basis of form into...

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